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Athena pistons

Athena pistons

Athena pistons

The Italian company Athena expands the choice of spare parts for off-road motorcycles.
The new Pistons guarantee increased power and reliability
Athena produces a range of 4-stroke Cross pistons for motorcycles, which guarantees performance and reliability equal to the original spare parts RiMotoshop offers the full range of pistons at a super price

Constructed with high-performance materials transformed with reverse extrusion forging, the new Athena Pistons are equipped with a special surface coating silkscreened with sintered molybdenum which increases smoothness, performance and durability while reducing friction and noise at the same time.
The new range is also equipped with the latest generation segments made of special steel made in Japan covered in PVD or CrN with anti-wear reinforcements. These special segments are optimized in form to improve low load adaptability.

The new Athena Pistons are produced in Italy and subjected to stringent tests on the dynamic bench and on the track, in order to offer customers top-level performance and reliability.