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List of products by brand NGK

NGK is of original equipment supplier candles for a very wide range of internal combustion engines.
Its products are used on almost every bike that circulate daily on the streets. The NGK brand is also present in the world of motor racing of the highest level.
The winning team of Formula 1 and almost all the Moto GP and SBK Team rely on advanced technology, innovation and quality offered by NGK.
In the wide range of NGK spark plugs it is therefore certainly present the right product for each type of engine.
NGK is the gold standard in terms of performance of the highest quality requirements. Thanks to our advanced technology, we guarantee one performance standard suitable for the most extreme conditions.
The NGK spark plugs are as evolved as reliable.
They are able to maximize the performance of the engine and optimize the combustion process.
WARNING: The list of applications is a guide and you should always check the spark plug code, comparing it with that recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer before purchase and installation.