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Method of payment: fast, fast and safe because it happens on the secure servers of PAY PAL, you can make it through your PAY PAL account, or simply using your credit card. The Credit of your payment is immediate, so we can manage your order immediately.

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Bank Transfer

In the event that the customer prefers not to pay the order at the time of registering, the bank transfer mode is available to pay the order at a later time. We will Proceed to the shipment only after the transfer has been credited and we will have received confirmation from our bank that the amount is available on our account.

It is strongly suggested to indicate a reference to the order number in the causal transfer, for example

Causal: Payment Order no RN-001234

In Addition, we recommend that you transmit a copy of the transfer to our customer Support service for a payment identification and quicker order fulfillment.

Any additional cost on the bank transfer applied by the customer is borne by the customer.

The products are reserved for 6 days. If RiMotoShop does not receive payment within this deadline, the order will be cancelled..