List of products by brand Wd-40 lubrificanti e spray moto

The story of WD-40 begins in 1953 in San Diego in California in a small laboratory called Rocket Chemical.
It is a story worth remembering just for how this extraordinary American company embarked on the path that made it in all respects the number one in the world in the sector of multifunctional lubricants.

It was the years of the first space travel, the world was changing and in America there was a crescendo of activities that gravitated around NASA. NASA commissioned suppliers to research and create a water repellent that could solve the problems of corrosion and protection of electrical contacts on space rockets.

The small San Diego laboratory began experimenting with different formulas that could solve NASA's problems.

The attempts were numerous and finally the 40th formulation turned out to be the winner, so WD-40 was born, the multifunctional lubricant that became the reference point all over the world. With the new product, the company embarked on its successful path by working with the aerospace and military industry, where WD-40 found its maximum utility.

The next step, in 1958, was precisely the creation of the can: the inventor Norm Larsen managed to insert WD-40 into a can to begin its maximum marketing. An invention that has radically transformed the company into an undisputed multinational player in the sector.

Over the years, WD-40 has found numerous applications in the industrial (aerospace, automotive, mechanical, agricultural, etc.), sports and domestic sectors.
The world of WD-40 multifunction lubricants has significantly expanded: in fact, new ranges of highly professional and extremely performing products have been created, dedicated to the care of bicycles, motorcycles and for all industrial uses. Specialist, Specialist Bike and Specialist Moto are three lines capable of guaranteeing the best performance and meeting the needs of all users.

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